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National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

NAELA is a national association of practicing lawyers who work with and help older and elderly clients of all ages to also include disabled clients and their families.

Older and elderly clients whom may require long-term care (nursing home), whether physical disability, Alzheimer's disease, special needs, etc. are at serious risk of losing all of their savings and their home. There is a "five (5) year" look-back period whereby if a client acts immediately, their savings and home can be protected.

SPECIAL NEEDS individuals can also lose their disability benefits if protections are not put into place.

Also, Attorney Murphy can advise and recommend various available resources; assisted living, long term care, special needs programs, "crisis planning" and a variety of concepts to care for you, protect your assets (savings and home) and generally help those who are trying to help you with thoughtful caring and guidance.

Simply, do not allow the state to take your savings or your home by doing nothing. If not protected, THEY WILL TAKE BOTH!

You have worked hard, saved your money and paid off your mortgage. Make sure that your savings and your home stays with you for your kids and grandchildren …not to the state!

AVOID PROBATE!!! Done correctly Attorney Murphy can avoid putting your loved ones through the cost or delay of receiving your money\home after you are gone, and the stress that your family will be left to deal with.

Meeting with Attorney Murphy will cost you nothing. Not meeting with him could.

Please call Attorney Murphy at 781-337-4200 (Weymouth) or 617-745-4600 (Quincy) to discuss other legal options that are available. 

Thank you for considering Attorney Murphy as "your" Attorney.


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