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Thinking of or have started a new business?

Have you taken care of:

  • Due diligence "your homework"
  • City / town business certificate
  • City / town ordinances
  • Property leases / purchase agreements
  • Licensing / permits
  • Insurances
  • Tax preparation: Tax Identification Number(s)
  • Vendor contracts
  • Financing
  • Advertising / marketing

Should you incorporate your business or not?

Have you protected your own personal property (home), assets (money) and keep separate your business from your personal affairs?

Attorney Murphy will remove all of your pre-development and first year concerns by examining and planning your business purchase or starting your own business.

Are you ready for this self-employed venture? Have you set aside enough money for the "rough" times? How do you handle the success of your business properly?

And there's SO much more!

Meeting with Attorney Murphy personally will cost you nothing.  Not meeting with him could.

Thank you for considering Attorney Murphy as "your" Attorney.


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