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Unfortunately, those cute and adorable dogs will turn on you, or one of your children simply by looking at it. 

The insurance adjusters' response

"well, you must have been teasing the dog, because the dog has never bitten anyone before, and is always gentle and loving"

Now this adorable and cute dog has left you with permanent scars.

Attorney Murphy will make the insurance adjuster see that simply looking at a dog, or walking away from, or friendly patting the dog is not enough for you to get bitten.

Attorney Murphy has been involved in the field of personal injury for over 20 years; first with a large, national insurance company and now as an attorney in private practice.

Please call Attorney Murphy at 781-337-4200 (Weymouth) or 617-745-4600 (Quincy) to discuss other legal options that are available. 

Meeting with Attorney Murphy personally will cost you nothing.  Not meeting with him could. 

Thank you for considering Attorney Murphy as "your" Attorney.


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